Introducing 24x7crypto! – “Earn Crypto for Publishing and Reading News”.

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Introducing 24x7Crypto, A new platform where you can Publish and Read News As well as Earn free Cryptocurrency.

RK Group International Limited has yet again launched a new Project called “24x7Crypto”. It’s a platform to earn free crypto by publishing New and legit News and also by Reading Fresh content from the website (

How to Get Started?

The users have to first create an account in the website by entering your basic details and your wallet (tomochain) Address.

After that you will be given complete access to Publishing and Earning at 24x7crypto. 

How to Earn on 24x7crypto?

The basic ways to earn crypto in 24x7Crypto are as follows. Visit this link to learn more

  • Share Our News

You can share your links from our website to your social media accounts, and invite your friends and family members to read your news and earn crypto for it.

  • Read and Post News articles

Read post from other users & post something new for other users. for every time you read a news we paid to it writer & someone read your news we will paid to you.

  • Referral Link

Once you register, you will be given a referral link. It looks like this: You can use your referral link with every URL. Just add the “?mref=”yourusername” tag at the end of any URL. This can be the homepage or news or even a category page

How It Works?

It’s basically a News website where people from all parts of the globe can post News and Earn Cryptocurrency’s as an Incentive. 

All advertisement revenue in your post will be divided into 3 categories.

Free Members will earn less, as 50% will be taken by the website, 20% by the readers, 30% remains with you.

Premium Members will earn more, 20% will be taken by the website, 20% by the readers, 60% remains with you.

How to Publish News?

Once you create your account in 24x7crypto, you will find a tab that says “Submit Post”.

  1. Click on that and Enter your Title
  2. Enter your Contents
  3. Upload your thumbnail
  4. Select your Category
  5. Enter tags
  6. Submit!

Free Membership Payments ad revenue.

1. 50% for website

2. 30% to publisher. (User who post)

3. 20% to users who reading it.

Premium publishers plan. (One time membership fees)

1. 20% to website

2. 60% to publisher. (User who post)

3. 20% to users who reading it.


24x7Crypto has the Rights to cancel the current program at any time, even without any prior Notice, Any Foul play would lead to discontinuation of your participation in the program.

Please visit to contact us for more details.