While BAYC increased by 35% in 90 days, the value of other popular NFT collections plummeted.

    While the NFTs from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection have seen their floor price increase by 35% in 90 days, some of the other popular collections have lost value.

    The world of NFTs continues to boom as more and more people seem attracted to the idea of scarce digital art. However, while some projects are surging in value, others are on a rather downward slope.

    • Data reveals that over the past three months, the floor price, which is the lowest price for a non-fungible token (NFT) from a certain collection, for the Board Ape Yacht Club NFTs increased by a considerable 35%.
    • As CryptoPotato reported earlier in December, the floor price for the BAYC NFTs surpassed that of the famed Crypto Punks for the first time in history.
    • At the time of this writing, though, the punks reclaimed the throne of the most expensive NFTs, at least in terms of floor price, which currently sits at slightly over 66 ETH.
    • Nevertheless, it appears that Crypto Punks have lost some 50% of its value over the past 90 days.
    Floor Price Comparison. Source: Twitter
    • Other popular collections that have decreased in value include Pudgy Penguins (-73.7%), Hashmasks (-31.6%), Meebits (-28.2%), Loot (-59%), and so forth.
    • The Mutant Ape Yacht Club, though, which is a spin-off of the BAYC collection, has increased in value by 72.1% in the same period.

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