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Nigeria's adoption of CBDC has left the nation reeling from a fiat currency shortage


Nigeria has a severe cash shortage due to the central bank’s decision to replace old banknotes with langer denominations amid rising inflation. About 18 months after the launch of its domestic CBDC (central bank digital currency), eNaira, Nigeria is witnessing its widespread adoption as national fiat reverses face serious shortages.

The pre-summit event on March 20 makes up the day at Paris Blockchain Week


The PBW (Paris Blockchain Week) has entered its fourth year as one of the world’s largest conferences dealing with blockchain, crypto, and Web3. The event hosted more than 10,000 attendees and sold out in 2022. The summit kicked off on 22nd March, after two days packed with the week's main event hackathons, talent fairs, and investor demos.

US Senator Ted Cruz has introduced a bill to prevent central banks from launching digital currencies


US Senator Ted Cruz has introduced a bill to prevent the Federal Reserve from launching "direct-to-consumer" CBDC (central bank digital currencies). Cruz said it is “more important than ever” to ensure that United States policy on digital currencies protects “financial privacy, maintains the dollar’s dominance and cultivates innovation,

Onecoin Irina Dilkinska faces up to 40 years in prison after extradition to the US


The alleged fraudster was accused of doing the "exact opposite" of his job title, which was to ensure OneCoin complied with the law. Dilkinska allegedly assisted in the laundering of more than $400 million in OneCoin proceeds and destroyed incriminating evidence and sent incriminating messages upon hearing of the arrest of a co-conspirator.

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