Users in Canada, Singapore, and Japan will be required to provide recipient information for cryptocurrency transfers.

    Customers in those countries who send crypto outside their Coinbase accounts must provide recipients’ names, addresses and in some cases, additional information, as of early April.

    Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Global (COIN) will soon require its customers in Canada, Japan and Singapore who send cryptocurrency to another financial institution or exchange to provide the name, address and in the case of Japan, the destination wallet of the recipient.

    Coinbase has been sending notices to its customers in those countries that the changes will take effect in early April in order to comply with local travel rules in those places.

    Coinbase didn’t immediately respond to requests for additional comment on the moves, but confirmed that they were taking place.

    The move does not seem to be going over well with Coinbase customers in those countries, who value the anonymity of transactions using cryptocurrency.

    According to a FAQ provided by Coinbase, for Canadian users, sending more than CAD $1000 ($798) in crypto to a financial entity or other crypto exchange will require the name and address of the recipient. This will take effect starting April 4, Coinbase said, citing Canada’s FINTRAC rules as reasons for the change.

    For users in Singapore, all crypto transfers from a Coinbase user’s exchange wallet to an outside address will require the recipient’s full name and country of residence. This will take effect on April 1, with Coinbase citing local Singaporean regulations.

    And in Japan, all transfers of crypto assets to recipients outside of Japan must include the recipient’s name, address and destination wallet, according to the English translation of rules established by the Japan Cryptocurrency Trading Association (JVCEA). This will take effect on April 1.

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