UK Extends Crypto Tax Break for Investment Managers in Financial Reforms!

    The U.K. has confirmed it will extend tax breaks for investment managers to cover crypto assets, after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said he wanted to make the country a crypto hub.

    Minister Andrew Griffith said in October that he wanted to “tentatively size” crypto opportunities, and promised a consultation on how to use new legislative crypto powers contained in the Financial Services and Markets Bill before the Christmas holiday.

    In a package of financial services reforms unveiled today, setting out how to replace European Union banking and financial-market laws, the Treasury said that would extend an existing tax break, which allows investors to use a U.K.-based manager without drawing extra tax liability, to the crypto sector. The change will be made via regulations this year.

    The Treasury also said that will implement a “sandbox” to test out innovative financial market infrastructures next year and will consult on a digital pound in the coming weeks.

    Rishi Sunak then finances minister and now prime minister said in April that he wanted to make the U.K. a global crypto hub. While the U.K. regulator the Financial Conduct Authority has already tentatively set out how that would use new crypto powers, some in the industry have warned that new advertising restrictions could prove unduly complex.

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