True space assets and experiences are now available in the metaverse thanks to this new agreement

    Copernic Space partnered up with AdShares–facilitating the retail market to buy virtual ownership of the Moon cargo.

    Copernic Space recently joined forces with AdShares, a blockchain-based protocol dedicated to digital advertising, in a bid to usher true space assets and experiences into the Metaverse. 

    Built to carry vast amounts of advertising microtransactions, AdShares enables direct contracts between publishers and advertisers without intermediaries.

    A Decentraland advertising partner

    Copernic Space, a Web3 marketplace for space assets, recently teamed up with Lunar Outpost, an advanced technology company with a focus on the expanding space industry, to launch the first-ever sale of tokenized space payload.

    According to the announcement, a “Mission Control” showroom will be created in Decentraland, where guests can experience the MAPP Rover, see and purchase ownership of payload space on it, as well as stay updated on the mission. 

    As a Decentraland advertising partner, Adshares will enable users in the Metaverse to experience true space assets and the opportunity to buy and sell their ownership.

    “We’re giving you the Moon–but brands can build their own narrative and related space assets for their base on top of that,” said Jacek Studziński, Adshares Head of Communications.

    According to Studziński, “brands and companies looking to stand out are given a historic opportunity to be the first on the Moon and in the Metaverse at the same time.” 

    Participating in the new space economy

    Adshares ranks as one of the largest decentralized ads platforms in the world–distributing over 200 million monthly ad impressions across the web and Metaverse.

    Copernic Space and the ​​decentralized advertising settlement protocol will begin testing various experiences in Decentraland for the upcoming public sale–enabling the retail market to buy virtual ownership of the Moon cargo.

    According to Grant Blaisdell, Copernic Space CEO, “opening up the opportunity in the Metaverse for users to experience space assets and directly participate in the economic growth of the new space economy is building the foundation for the future of both markets.”

    “We’ve been actively working with innovation leaders in their field, such as Adshares, to provide these opportunities in a variety of ways. The Metaverse is an organic expansion for the space assets and companies on our marketplace,” added Blaisdell, commenting on the birth of a new business and advertising model for space and crypto.

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