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    After a booming week of new Nightly Mint specials, we’re closing off the week on a relatively quiet note in NFTs. Nonetheless, there’s always some action for us to cover.

    The University of Arizona will allow athletes to profit off of NFTs, Solana is making some moves, and we’ve got a friendly reminder to keep looking forward – we’re talking about jpegs, after all. Stay positive.

    It’s all in a day’s recap here at The Nightly Mint. Let’s dive in.

    The Nightly Mint
    Latest Mint: University Of Arizona Athletes

    NFT opportunities started sprouting up at universities last year – including the University of Arizona. But this week, a new deal between the University of Arizona and Athlete Assets will allow university-owned logos and other assets to be utilized in NFTs. It is seemingly the first commercial copyright licensing agreement around NIL (name, image, and likeness) for athletes in the crypto space. Athletes will earn a large majority of NFT revenues. Expect other collegiate institutions to follow suit.

    Solana Makes A Splash

    Coinbase Wallet has added support for NFTs and will now allow users to send, receive, and store SOL and SPL tokens through its browser extension, according to our latest report. Solana has solidified itself as a secondary power-player behind Ethereum when it comes to the NFT landscape. Solana, like many Ethereum competitors, looks to offer scalability solutions that have proven to be a challenge for the Ethereum blockchain to date.

    Solana has seen a mixed bag of successes in the NFT space but has still carved its own lane. This recent announcement is undoubtedly a win for the ecosystem; expect Solana to continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the NFT space.

    The ‘Minty Fresh’ Take

    NFTs have proven that early adopters of big-time projects can secure life-changing bags. Never look behind you, continue to look forward.

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