The ‘Moment of Truth’ NFT collection from features LeBron James

    Royalties from NFT re-sales will go to the LeBron James Family Foundation.

    Fans who discovered the hidden QR code in’s Big Game commercial featuring LeBron James got a chance to win an NFT from ‘The Moment of Truth’ NFT collection.

    The crypto exchange’s video ad featured the young NBA star in the moment of making a life-changing decision–skipping college and going to the League.

    ‘The Moment of Truth’ NFT Collection

    The collection titled ‘The Moment of Truth’ consists of 15 NFTs, which come in three tiers–capturing key moments of LeBron James’ consequential decision, and the behind-the-scenes of the film.

    While Tier 3 features on-set details and Easter eggs, Tier 2 captures the nostalgia of LeBron James’ roots. Finally, Tier 1 includes exclusive glimpses of the GOAT himself.

    A total of 5550 NFTs were airdropped to the lucky winners chosen at random from those who discovered and followed the QR code in the commercial and signed up to the NFT platform by Friday following the Game.

    While all NFTs were airdropped for free and are not for sale by, some might appear for re-sale on the crypto exchange’s NFT platform.

    NFT re-sale proceeds will go to LeBron James’ Family Foundation

    “I want to ensure that communities like the one I come from are not left behind. and I are aligned on the need to educate and support my community with the information and tools they need for inclusion. I’m looking forward to working with them to bring these opportunities to my community,” commented LeBron James.

    According to, 5% of NFT re-sales will go as royalties to the LeBron James Family Foundation.

    Earlier this year, CryptoSlate reported that the LeBron James Family Foundation entered a multi-year partnership with to develop a curriculum for the I PROMISE School in Akron, Ohio.

    Building on the fundamentals of educational empowerment, the formed partnership will provide students and families connected to the I PROMISE program access to development opportunities focused on Web3.

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