The Ethereum Foundation sends Kraken $95 million in ETH.

    On-chain data shows an Ethereum developer sending a massive batch of Ether to Kraken’s exchange

    According to Etherscan, the Ethereum Foundation has once again sent tens of thousands of Ether to Kraken.

    • Etherscan recorded the transaction only hours ago at 2:56 PM UTC
    • The transaction shows an Ethereum dev sending a contract of 20 000 Ether to Kraken’s public address. That’s worth over $95 million at today’s prices.
    • A similar transaction took place on May 17th, when another developer sent 35 000 Ether to the exchange. Those were worth $112 million at the time.
    • The Ethereum Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports Ethereum and its developers. They provide both financial and non-financial support to the broader ecosystem and have sold Ether in the past to provide it.
    • According to blockchain analyst Colin Wu, the Foundation owned nearly 400 000 Ether as of May 21st.
    • Ethereum has broken numerous highs as of late and currently trades above $4 700. Citadel’s CEO even considers it superior to Bitcoin.

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