The Dogecoin Co-founder is happy to respond to this announcement that DOGE will be added to StormX

    As a result of the poll, Dogecoin (DOGE) will be given out as cashback for purchases, and Cardano (ADA) will come in second place.

    A poll that had been launched by the cryptocurrency cashback service StormX (STMX) was completed four days ago. During this vote, the community had the opportunity to select a new coin in which they would be able to receive cashback when using StormX to make transactions. Dogecoin (DOGE) triumphed in an overwhelming fashion, garnering support from 7,700 voters, which represents well over half of the total. The results of the poll were confirmed by CEO Simon Yu, who made the decision to do so in order to placate Dogecoin’s founder Billy Marcus with the news. Marcus, in turn, exhibited behaviour that was appropriate given this occurrence. Given StormX’s agreements with over 1,500 retailers in 180 countries and key markets like eBay and AliExpress, the addition of DOGE as a way of cashback while shopping is a tremendous enhancement to the coin’s usefulness. This is a great addition to the coin’s use. Cardano’s ADA Token had an excellent chance of getting chosen, but in the end, it was defeated by DOGE by a margin of more than 3,000 votes. Despite this, StormX was aware of the widespread support for ADA and began to speculate about the possibility of ADA being chosen in the subsequent vote. The issue of the recently established competition between Dogecoin and Cardano has also been brought up in this voting for StormX. This truth fits in wonderfully with Cardano’s latest mood, which describes it perfectly.

    You may recall that last week, well-known crypto entrepreneur and billionaire Mark Cuban stated that Dogecoin had more applications than Cardano. This was reported by U.Today. Cardano, due to its status as a smart contract platform, may currently have an advantage over Dogecoin. According to the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, the future belongs to DOGE in the event that the latter decides to become an application platform.

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