NFT sales skyrocketed 22.37% this month, with $568 Million in NFTs Sold Across 20 Blockchains

    According to the statistics of the last 30 days, the sales of the non-fungible token (NFT) have skyrocketed 22.37% higher than the previous month. It has been reported that in the last seven days, the NFT sales have risen 5.13% higher.

    As per the record of the last two days, the floor value of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs has managed to ascend over the floor value of Cryptopunks NFTs by more than four Ether (ETH), approximately.

    About two weeks ago, Cryptopunks NFTs managed to rise above BAYC NFTs in terms of NFT floor values, but recently in the last two days, the latter has been able to cross the former.

    According to, on 30th November 2022, the floor value of BAYC is 68.1 ETH and Cryptopunks’ (PUNK) floor value is 65.94 ETH.

    It has been observed that the NFT sales have risen higher during the last 30 days. Last month, there were $568.19 million in digital collectible sales which is roughly 22.37% more than the previous month.

    Compared to last month, the number of NFT buyers is down 12.83% and the quantity of NFT transactions slipped 27.09% lower than the previous month’s number of NFT transactions.

    According to the stats recorded by, out of the $568.19 Million in NFT sales, $443.55 Million of those sales were Ethereum-based NFTs. The sales of the Ethereum-based NFT have escalated 45.99% higher than the previous month.

    As per the latest ranking of the NFT Collection by sales volume on 30th November 2022, BAYC is in the second position, while on the other hand, CryptoPunks is in the seventh position. Currently, the top ten NFTs are DeGod, BAYC, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, y00t, Otherdeed, CloneX, CryptoPunks, Claynosaurz, Sorare and Art Blocks Explorations. Therefore, it can also be observed that seven of these ten NFTs belong to the Ethereum platform, while the remaining belongs to Solana.

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