McDonald’s McRib NFT Project Links to Racial Slur Recorded on Blockchain

    One of the problems with the recent phenomenon of food brands getting into NFTs is that food is actually quite different from NFTs.

    If you’re a business that’s really good at, like, nailing the economics of mass-producing hamburger meat, there’s no guarantee you’re going to have the same success peddling tokens on a blockchain.

    Take McDonald’s, the fast-food megachain that announced its first collection of NFTs last month in conjunction with the return of the McRib (essentially a soupy version of a pork sandwich). The McRib is available for a limited time each year, typically starting around October or November.

    In this year’s press release, the company described its ten McRib NFTs as “digital versions of the fan favorite sandwich” – something to cherish during those long summer months when the physical product isn’t on sale.

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