Women should participate more in the cryptocurrency market through blockchain trust

    Blockchain is one of the hottest technological terms in the global tech market, right now! Every industry is highly instigated to implement blockchain technology for its transparency and high speed in completing workloads. Yes, blockchain has transformed workload processes and made life easier for us! Industries such as financial services, education, sports, and many more have started leveraging cutting-edge technology with full force to enhance customer engagement and drive substantial profit in the long run. Today, the main concern is not about cybercriminals or transaction speed— but the gender gap. Investors and tech companies are gaining huge popularity for harnessing the power of blockchain technology to provide efficient customer service at any time at any place. But, we have noticed one important element in this tech market— the number of men investing in blockchain is higher than the number of women participating in this domain. Women in technology have started dominating the global tech market with their talents, skills, and behavioural characteristics. Still, there is a long way to go to bridge the gender gap in this blockchain technology. Let’s go through how it is the right time to embrace the integration of blockchain and women in technology in 2022.

    Women entrepreneurs are flourishing in the global tech market across the world to dominate their male counterparts. There is a completely different women-focused industry thriving with the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, cloud computing, and many more. It is widely known as FemTech! It is successful in providing a large space for women in technology to show their women empowerment in the global highly competitive market. They are receiving a plethora of funding opportunities worth millions of dollars to expand all kinds of FemTech products.

    It is high time to make a revolutionary change in the blockchain industry in Industry 4.0. Women should explore the gender dimensions of blockchain technology as well as the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. Blockchain technology is providing thousands of cryptocurrencies for a smart investment, especially the popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, etc. Society should realize that cryptocurrencies hold the power to contribute to women empowerment with financial support. Though it is a highly volatile market, women are not afraid to enter this market for financial independence.

    The partnership between blockchain and cryptocurrencies can offer independent financial tools to overcome the gender gap and the stereotypical thoughts about women. It is time to overcome the barriers of patriarchal society and be your own person with sufficient freedom with financial support. There are still some areas in the world where women lack freedom and are constantly under restrictions. Smart investments in cryptocurrencies can encourage women to be entrepreneurs, purchase any asset, increase the savings for future use, and many more functionalities.

    Yes, women need privacy in all aspects with transparency and trust. Thus, blockchain technology is the perfect element to meet all the demands to bridge the gender gap efficiently and effectively. Women crypto investors can only get access to the necessary details of transactions and maintain a public digital ledger without any interference from a central authority. The main concern is whether the cryptocurrency market or blockchain technology can live up to the potential to accelerate gender equality for women in technology. The blockchain community needs to be ready to embrace women in technology with full participation. There are conferences and events across the world that only invite male blockchain investors or crypto investors. The women counterparts feel left out and hostile in multiple cases, even in the blockchain industry.

    Women in technology are the ultimate influencers to aspiring female investors to join the new and popular market of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, NFTs, Metaverse, and more. Women are playing an integral part in carving out spaces in male-dominated areas as well as making a successful spot for the future generation in blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market.

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