Fast Company recognized Dapper Labs to their list of most innovative firms

    NFT giant Dapper Labs has been listed in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies and #1 Most Innovative Gaming Company this year.

    NFT and blockchain gaming giant Dapper Labs announced that it has been listed in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies and number one in Most Innovative Gaming Companies. 

    Considering the fact that this young, innovative company was only founded in 2018, they have risen in the ranks in quite a short period of time. With celebrity partnerships and world-renowned collections, the team at Dapper Labs has certainly paved the way for other NFT projects. 

    The list of the world’s most innovative companies for 2022 includes giants in the realm of technology like Stripe, SpaceX and Flexport. However, right there in the top 20 is Dapper Labs, securing a place at number 17 for introducing normies to the world of Web3. Renowned as the company behind two of the hottest crypto collections, CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot, the team behind Dapper Labs put innovation and creativity at the heart of everything they do. 

    Acknowledged for making NFTs more accessible

    Dapper Labs were part of the enormous swell of NFT love that came about in 2021 and helped the masses understand the beauty behind NFT communities. The credit for the title of most innovative gaming company by Fast Company was down to its “patient approach in an otherwise frenetic sector.” Working on the NBA Top Shot NFT collection to make it easily accessible to non-crypto natives through its Flow blockchain proved successful. The popular sports card collection generated over $880 million in sales to date with 534,937 traders at the time of writing. 

    Dapper Labs has become somewhat of a staple in the world of NFTs. It is quick to announce new brand partnerships like its new partnership with the UFC to bring MMA fans into the world of NFTs and the launch of Seussibles, a new collection focused on the wonderful content from the Dr. Seuss series. They are also quick to support other DeFi projects in the blockchain ecosystem with grants from Flow Blockchain and support for projects being built in the ecosystem. 

    Number two on the list of Most Innovative Gaming Companies is the well-known Roblox and they made it to the list for showing the public the metaverse. As for the other categories, for all of its innovations and technology, blockchain projects didn’t make the cut. Who knows who will feature next year as more and more projects launch, scale and develop inside the many ecosystems.

    From partnering with famous comics such as Dr Seuss to the UFC, Dapper Labs has truly taken the world of collectables in crypto to a new level. May their success be a reminder for all to keep innovation core to everything in the world of Web3.

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