ETH Won The First Crypto World Cup

    The first Crypto World Cup officially ended on 17th November 2022. ETH was announced as the winner of the final championship. Today (21st November 2022) at 1:07 PM, the organizers of the championship KuCoin congratulate them on Twitter.

    In this championship, participants were able to choose their favourite token and win a share of $250,000. They also got a chance to win NFT rewards, airdrops and unlimited mystery boxes. The winning team was awarded $50,000.

    The official game started at 00:00 UTC on 1st November 2022. Each round lasted for 4 days, and the score was calculated every day at 23:59 (UTC). The team that got the highest score was announced as the winner. The team score was calculated based on this formula = Base score * (1 +/- 24h change%). It is to be noted that the base score is the sum of all team members’ trading scores, position scores, and booster scores within 24 hours.

    The other things to keep in mind are the attacking score (trading), defending score (holding) and assist score (invite friends). The attacking score is 2 points for every 1 USDT equivalent of trading volume, this is up to 1,000 points per day. The defending score is 1 point for every 1 USDT equivalent of holding positions, this is up to 500 points per day. Finally, the assist score is 50 points for every friend that accepts an invite to click boost, this is up to 500 points per day.

    The rewards will be given within 14 business days, so the eligible participants are requested to check their emails for the information. The NFT winners will receive a form where they will have to fill in the details. They will have to claim the reward within these 14 days or else it will expire.

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