does bitcoin seems incredibly bullish?

    A lot of people have been talking about Bitcoin’s supply and demand, and how that will affect the price. While this is very important, I’d like to point people towards a different reason to buy Bitcoin. The number one reason to buy Bitcoin is to make money. However, the number one reason most people don’t invest in Bitcoin is because they think it’s hard. It’s not. It’s easier than buying a cup of coffee. It’s easier than paying for gas. It’s easier than putting money into a bank account.

    It’s as easy as downloading an app and clicking a button. The second most important reason to buy Bitcoin is also because you can make money. It’s a store of value. Gold is a great store of value, except it’s physical and harder to carry than digital money. Bitcoin is digital, and it’s the best store of value the world has ever seen. It’s like the best of gold and the best of cash. For most people, the first reason to buy Bitcoin isn’t enough to get them to pull the trigger. The second isn’t enough either. But if you can make these two reasons align, your conversion rate will go through the roof.

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