Alchemy Offers Public Support for ZK Rollup Starknet on its Blockchain Developer Platform Launch!

    Alchemy, renowned for its tools that enable software developers to build applications for blockchains, recently released a public version of its platform for Starknet – a project receiving much attention due to its combination of two cutting-edge technologies, zero-knowledge cryptography and account abstraction.

    Alchemy’s integration of Starknet is a major milestone, due to the project’s burgeoning developer community and pioneering zero-knowledge rollup approach. This addition to their existing 39 blockchain offerings is a significant move for the company.

    Starknet is a ZK Rollup that scales Ethereum by bundling transactions and processing them more quickly and cheaply on a separate blockchain. Zero-knowledge proofs are used to ensure that a transaction is valid by only providing a limited amount of information about the transaction before posting it back to the Ethereum mainnet.

    Starknet provides users with native account abstraction, enabling them to access blockchains through the use of smart-contract wallets and making the experience more straightforward.

    StarkWare’s integration into Alchemy’s suite may suggest that developers have an increased demand for account abstraction capabilities. Gal Ron, a product manager and blockchain researcher at StarkWare, commented, “Alchemy makes it simpler for developers to construct dapps, and Starknet provides the necessary scalability and features.”

    Alex Miao, a software engineer at Alchemy, said in an email that Native AA gives developers a lot of freedom and room to be creative with wallet UX (user interface). They can give users customizable account permissions, add safety measures at the wallet level, and create simple transaction processes. This will help developers create a situation where every end user and business is always represented by a smart-contract wallet.

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