A recent NFT Club report finds Taiwan has the greatest interest in NFTs

    According to NFT Club’s study, Taiwan has the highest level of interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The study was carried out using Google search data, which allowed NFT Club to determine which nations had the most NFT-related searches.

    Taiwan ranked first with 9,629 NFT searches per 1000,000 people, followed by Australia with 8,198 NFT searches per 1000,000 people, and Canada with 8,127 NFT searches per 1000,000.

    The explanation for the appeal of NFTs in these nations and locations, however, has yet to be found. NFTs are becoming increasingly popular, and markets like OpenSea have already seen a surge in NFT listings and transactions.

    According to the study, the United States topped the list of nations with the most NFT headquarters. The United States leads with 91 NFT enterprises, followed by Singapore with 24 and India with 11. Hong Kong, on the other hand, is ranked seventh with six NFT firms.

    According to NFT Club’s study, the most well-funded NFT firm is based in the United States. Forte Labs, a company that specialises in integrating blocking technology into games to enable a range of features like as tokens and NFT trading, has announced a $910 million investment round.

    Sorare, a French business that uses blockchain technology to provide a new way to play fantasy football, came in second with $747 million in investment. With $627 million in investment, Dapper Labs, a firm that offers NFT games and collections such as NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties, came in third.

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