5 Best NFTs to Buy in 2022 – A Comparison of Upcoming NFT Projects

    What are the best upcoming NFT projects this year? Lets explore their features and highlight the investment potential that these may have.

    The NFT market surpassed a valuation of $40 billion during late 2021, inching closer to the total annual sales volume of the fine art market. Looking ahead, numerous exciting NFT drops are expected to positively contribute to this valuation – whilst providing lucrative opportunities for savvy investors.

    Considering that, this article will discuss the best upcoming NFT projects this year, exploring their features and highlighting the investment potential that these projects have.

    The 5 Best NFTs to Invest in in 2022

    There are hundreds of new NFT projects on the horizon, each vying for a position within this ultra-competitive market. To clear the mist, we’ve conducted the necessary research and narrowed down the selection to our top five upcoming NFTs – all of which will be reviewed in the following section.

    1. Silks – Number One NFT Project for 2022
    2. Meta Triads – Top NFT Project in the Fashion Sector
    3. Pionauts – Photorealistic NFTs with Compelling Use Case
    4. Meta Mansions – Metaverse-Based NFT Project with Great Potential
    5. ZenCats – Innovative NFT Project with Mindfulness Theme

    A Closer Look at the Top Upcoming NFTs

    The NFTs noted above represent our picks for the projects with the highest potential this year. Now we’ll dive into each of these NFT projects individually, ensuring you’ve got the information you need to invest effectively.

    1. Silks – Overall Best NFT for 2022

    Our choice for the best NFT to buy in 2022 is Silks. Silks is a groundbreaking derivative gaming platform that will offer an exciting play-to-earn (P2E) experience for horse racing enthusiasts. Through the use of a blockchain-enabled virtual world, Silks will allow users to own, develop and interact with a variety of digital in-game NFT assets including Silks horses, avatars, land, and stables, all while monetizing their in-game exploits.

    Importantly, Silks differentiates itself from other metaverse platforms by paralleling real-world events. This is accomplished by using real-world data pertaining to a horse’s lineage, training progress, and racing results to ensure that the digital horses within Silks’ world directly correspond to real thoroughbreds.

    Miners will verify the data employed by the Silks world through a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus protocol. The Silks whitepaper notes that these miners will be incentivized to verify data by being rewarded in $SLK – Silks’ non-inflationary governance token. Since a decentralized autonomous organization will govern the Silks metaverse (DAO), $SLK will play a pivotal role in allowing holders to vote on proposed changes to the world and its features.

    As prominent items within Silks’ virtual world will be structured as NFTs, such as horses, avatars, land, and stables, this provides scope for a vibrant and self-sustaining ecosystem to arise. Metaverse participants can buy and sell these NFTs using $STT, Silks’ in-game transactional token.

    Notably, this token is also used to reward Silks horse owners when their real-world horse wins races in real life, or as a ‘breeding fee’ when a Silks horse is retired and its offspring are sold via the marketplace.

    Looking ahead, Silks’ development team has designed the ecosystem with long-term sustainability in mind due to the regular addition of new Silks horses as yearlings are registered in the real world. There are also staking opportunities for users with a lower risk tolerance, which reduces the overall supply of horses via a lock-up period and strengthens the in-world economy. Silks avatars are due to go on public sale in Q1 2022, with the subsequent release of the first drop of Silks horses set for this summer. Additional Silks NFT offerings including virtual land and stables are planned for the future.

    2. Meta Triads – Top NFT Project in the Fashion Sector

    Another of the best NFT tokens to consider for investment is Meta Triads. Meta Triads is a collection of 10,000 digital art NFTs, split into three distinct categories – Humans, Hybrids, and Humanoids. These NFTs have a clear cyberpunk theme and are ideal for use as a profile picture on social media. However, aside from the art aspect, Meta Triads NFTs are also accompanied with other valuable benefits.

    Most notably, owning a Meta Triads NFT will provide the owner with shares in the upcoming Meta Triads Marketplace. This marketplace offers a medium for fashion brands to showcase their wares in a metaverse setting. The exciting thing is that shareholders in this marketplace will generate a return in $TRIA (the marketplace’s native token) when sales are made – offering the potential to create a passive income stream.

    3. Pionauts – Photorealistic NFTs with Compelling Use Case

    Pionauts is a collection of 8,500 photorealistic NFTs that feature unique takes on historical figures. The development team behind Pionauts aims to recreate these historical figures using artificial intelligence to provide a lifelike representation. The Pionauts collection features 85 famous faces, including Shakespeare, Van Gogh, and Charles Darwin.

    Pionauts NFTs are made even more lifelike through animation, accomplished via motion capture techniques. The exciting thing about this collection is that the Pionauts owners have a direct say in where the ‘journey’ of this collection goes next. The development team looks to launch a ‘Metaverse Mars’ with P2E elements and collaborative storytelling, making Pionauts NFTs some of the most sought-after digital art on the market.

    4. Meta Mansions – Metaverse-Based NFT Project with Great Potential

    Meta Mansions is an upcoming NFT project that will allow people to own ‘virtual mansions’ within a pre-built metaverse. The concept behind Meta Mansions has already generated massive hype on social media, with nearly 30,000 people following the project’s official Twitter account. A total of 8,888 mansions will be available to purchase, all of which will be minted on March 18th.

    By owning a Meta Mansions NFT, users can generate passive income streams through renting the space out to other metaverse participants. The world’s native token, $KEYS, is used to reward users and can even be utilized to purchase in-game items through the Keys Marketplace. Interestingly, 18 days after the Meta Mansions NFTs sell out, the creators will select one lucky owner to win 800 ETH – which equates to over $2 million at the time of writing!

    5. ZenCats – Innovative NFT Project with Mindfulness Theme

    ZenCats looks to be the best NFT to invest in for people interested in mindfulness, as this project comprises 5,712 NFTs featuring a selection of unique avatars. ZenCats NFTs can be attained by purchasing digital card packs containing either one, two, or four random NFTs.

    Each ZenCat NFT will be at a different stage of the mindfulness journey, with users able to ‘evolve’ these NFTs to reach higher stages. The final stage is ZenMaster, which can be achieved through staking and completing mindfulness-based tasks. Once ZenMaster is achieved, NFT owners will be given access to bi-weekly reward drops – which may contain additional NFTs!

    5 Best NFTs to Buy – Conclusion

    To summarize, this article has discussed the most exciting new NFT drops to be aware of in the weeks and months ahead. These drops all contain interesting features and credible development teams, ensuring a compelling investment case for each project.

    However, as noted previously, our recommendation for the best NFT to buy this year is Silks. Due to the P2E nature of this blockchain-enabled world, Silks offers an innovative way to gamify the horse racing experience and generate noteworthy rewards.

    In addition, thanks to the extensive ecosystem within Silks’ virtual world, users from various demographics can take part and monetize their in-game exploits – all while being part of a vibrant community of like-minded people.

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