This automated crypto trading bot provider is bringing cutting-edge tools to major exchanges

    Do you want to fund your account using a specific form of fiat currency? There is a transaction waiting for you. Do you want to make sure you keep control of your keys? You can go decentralised. Are you dead set on paying the bare minimal amount possible in commissions for your trades? No worries; there are several websites that charge no commission at all. A great number of exchanges also provide individualised strategies, which vary according to whether you are an amateur or an experienced trader.TradeSanta, a company that provides cryptocurrency trading bots to the general public, has been maintaining a keen interest in the development of various exchanges. Since it first opened its doors, the company has made it a priority to make all of its offerings accessible to customers, irrespective of the type of computing system they choose.

    The firm has recently made public its integration with Kraken, and now it has begun offering its bot on FTX. This means that not only can its cutting-edge trading tools be utilised for spot trading, but they can also be executed in futures markets.TradeSanta users are now able to connect to an even greater number of exchanges with the assistance of API. Collectively, these platforms serve millions of consumers, and FTX and Kraken are the most recent additions to this roster. There are a number of other brands that are supported as well, including Binance, HitBTC, OKX, Coinbase Pro, and Bybit.The following is an excerpt from a statement made by a representative of TradeSanta to Cointelegraph: “Using TradeSanta’s trading bots, you can trade like an expert with tools designed to produce greater results.”

    TradeSanta aspires to create a platform that encompasses all aspects of crypto trading and improves the user experience as a result. In addition to bots, it provides a terminal as well as a marketplace where users can replicate the strategies of expert players. This provides everyone with access to cutting-edge strategies that are employed by professionals, and what’s even better is that their previous results can be quickly analysed at the push of a mouse.

    In contrast to Wall Street and the City of London, which only conduct business during the weekdays, the cryptocurrency markets are open around the clock. The price of Bitcoin has been known to make significant movements on weekends over the course of the past few months. According to data provided by Arcane Research, Bitcoin is especially prone to sell-offs during the trading hours in Asia.

    Obviously, human traders can’t be open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We require some time to put our feet up and unwind. Trading bots that are automated give us the ability to monitor the latest market movements even while we are sleeping, allowing us to determine the exact price points at which we would like to buy and sell the asset in question. If we have a well-defined plan laid out in advance, we can reduce the likelihood that we will act rashly and make decisions with significant financial repercussions that we will come to regret in the future.

    It should go without saying that the utilisation of automated trading bots does not imply that crypto investors do not ever need to keep track of what is occurring in the markets. The atmosphere created by the music can shift in the wink of an eye. The price of Bitcoin experienced a sharp increase in September, reaching $22,500 before plummeting to $20,000 in a matter of hours following the publication of dismal inflation data.

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