From skies to blocks: How an aerospace student became a Web3 entrepreneur

     According to a proverb, the road to success is not a straight one. It occasionally results in a number of side trips along the route, such as studying how to build aircraft, becoming a writer, monitoring Bitcoin (BTC), and investigating the blockchain industry.Ahmet Usta described his journey from being attracted by technology as a young child to founding numerous successful Web3 enterprises with an emphasis on blockchain games and nonfungible currencies in an interview with Cointelegraph (NFTs).

    Usta’s love in technology drove him to study aerospace engineering at Istanbul Technical University in Turkey. After that, he worked for numerous companies while pursuing a career in information technology. Ten years later, Usta encountered an odd circumstance.Then, Usta became interested in Bitcoin and “kept a close eye on it.” Usta was drawn to the cryptocurrency’s underlying technology and went on to co-author Turkey’s first book on blockchain before pursuing work as a blockchain expert, making talks, conducting seminars, and instructing businesses.

    The businessman worked on a blockchain gaming concept that included NFTs back in 2021. After finding success, he handed the initiative over to his business partner so that he could concentrate on ELYT, a longer-term venture that just obtained new funding to connect businesses and influencers with Web3 technology.Usta responded that NFT technology is more than an application when asked why he thinks it’s crucial for businesses to use Web3 technologies like NFTs. It’s a fresh perspective.

    The executive added that people’s creativity is the only limit to what can be done using NFT. Usta thinks that Web3 has opened up a lot of options, saying “The monkey images and game elements are nothing more than a tiny snowball rolling over the iceberg visible above the ocean.” He believes that the world needs decentralised finance (DeFi), Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, and other technologies.The Web3 entrepreneur also highlighted that NFTs restrict ownership of digital items that could otherwise be copied endlessly and expressed confidence that the market will find a number of other uses. Usta also expressed his belief that DeFi will be crucial to the development of finance in the future.

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